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With Jane Piper


Jane Piper

Jane Piper is an Organisational Psychologist and bestselling author of Focus in the Age of Distraction – a book looking at the impact of digital technology on our wellbeing. She is interested in the intersection of humans and technology and challenges us to look at the impact that technology is having our lives
and happiness.
Jane grew up in New Zealand and has been living abroad for many years, most recently for 15 years in Zurich, Switzerland. Bringing a unique blend of kiwi creativity and Swiss efficiency, she combines writing, speaking, coaching and consulting. She can be found often in the outdoors cycling, hiking, skiing and sometimes just relaxing.

An on-line self-paced course helping you to deal with digital distraction, focus then switch off and enjoy life. Ideal for busy professionals who want to get more done when working, then have time to relax, unwind and enjoy life.
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