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With Aubree Nichols

Aubree Nichols

Aubree’s intention is to illuminate the darkness so that others may live in the light – in everything she does.
For her agency and brand clients, Aubree unearths insights and develops creative and impactful ideas.
In her writing and speaking, she digs deep into her heart and life experiences to say what others won’t. Some say she has a black belt in truth-telling. She just likes to think she is keeping it real.

A proud Texan, Aubree found comfort in the grit of New York City. She recently switched coasts for the sunshine, waves, and acai bowls of Venice Beach, California. Her very popular Instagram @aubree.nichols and writings for The Week, Elite Daily and Observer, has helped Aubree become a resonant voice in the self-love movement, which she believes is the ultimate love story. She is working on her first memoir, Enough, that will inspire women to reclaim their power and cultivate a loving relationship with themselves.

“11 tips to live a self-love life”

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