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Anita Martinez Beijer


Anita Martinez Beijer

Anita Martinez Beijer is an ACC coach accredited by ICF and the creator and host of the Healing Spaces Series – 21 Ways to Love Yourself to Inner Strength. 

With a background as an interior designer, she traveled the world alone on a quest to find what a home really means to us. This research resulted in the book Home Life Around The World.

She now combines her coaching based on her own 20+ years of personal transformation and adds her knowledge of how our home affects us on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level, as our environments hold an energetic resonance to them. As a transformational life coach, her mission is to empower women to realize their full potential and elevate their lives to align with their life vision.

Thank you for taking part in the Healing Spaces Series.  Please enjoy “The Little Book of Self-Love” from me.

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