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With Donna Campisi

Donna Campisi

Donna Campisi is a passionate woman, inspiring people around the world to turn their dreams into reality as a Keynote Speaker, Author, Coach, Adventurer, and by hosting a podcast called Ready! Set! Goal!

Donna inspired many people with her stroke to marathon challenge; only able to run 30 tentative steps in 2012 (after a childhood stroke and diabetes) to completing her marathon goal 11 months later, while inspiring many along the way.

Her books include: Turn Dreams into Reality, Inspiration Bible, The Unlikely Marathoner, and Change is not a Scary Word.

Donna speaks to audiences around the world, and also coaches’ people to achieve their goals and step outside their comfort zone by organising adventure activities, encouraging people to face their fears in a fun and inclusive environment, or by personal one on one coaching.

Donna’s recent project involved her bringing 10 inspiring Change Influencers together who made positive change in their life, mentoring them to share their stories and insights in their compelling chapter. This book is about inspiring readers to embrace change, titled ‘CHANGE is not a Scary Word – 10 Influencers Leading the Way.’

Exclusive audio of Donna Campisi reading Chapter 10 of her new book Change is not a Scary Word. 

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