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With Carol Day

Carol Day

Carol Day is an artist and an international visionary teacher and author. She lives in Scotland, where she founded the Centre for Creative Vision and 4Directions Theatre and Radio station. Carol is a creator of innovative nature-led models, bringing huge effectiveness for students, clients and readers. As an MSc psychotherapist and shamanic operator, Carol contributes to contemporary autoethnography research and runs a successful private practice in systemic story therapy. In 2000, she was one of Scotland’s chosen artists for The Year of the Artist. In 2007 she co-designed the Nature as Teacher model for Scotland’s first outdoor nursery which has won several awards. She has featured on Radio 4, Blues and Roots Radio and the British Autoethnography conference. Commissioned to generate ground-breaking visionary story programmes working with inclusive community ethos and land, she presented the 2020 film ‘Rivers and Shores’.  

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