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With Iris McAlpin


Iris McAlpin

Iris McAlpin is a certified trauma coach and NARM® Practitioner specializing in self-sabotage, eating disorder recovery and complex trauma. After struggling with severe bulimia, C-PTSD and depression for over a decade, Iris became determined to understand what was truly at the root of her symptoms. It turned out the answer was trauma. She now spends her life helping others overcome similar struggles through trauma-informed education and coaching, in both group and private settings. Iris is also passionate about eradicating the stigma associated with mental illness, and uses social media to openly share her story. Her intention is to show that no one is alone, recovery is worth the hard work, and support the global movement toward awareness, acceptance and support for everyone affected by psychological disorders. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter, or find more information at irismcalpin.com.

This 83-minute online masterclass will help you understand the hidden logic behind your self-defeating behaviors so that you can begin the process of putting them behind you. 

The first 60 minutes are a combination of interactive exercises and education–please grab your journal and something to write with. The last 23 minutes are Q & A about the material from the class, and Bloom, a 7 week online course for healing self-sabotage. 

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